Today’s Guest is Chris Finn from Par4Success.

Chris is a Licensed Physical Therapist and the Founder of Par4Success which is located in Morrisville, NC.


Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Professional and trained to perform Trigger Point Dry Needling in North Carolina.  Chris is regarded as the premier Golf Fitness, Performance & Medical Expert in North Carolina.

Chris has built a world-class facility with an exceptional staff and award winning service. The team at Par4success works with Tour Professionals, Elite level juniors & amateurs as well as weekend warriors. They offer golf fitness programs, physical therapy, yoga classes, online coaching and many other valuable services.

In today’s episode, Chris and I are discussing Junior Golf Fitness, the advantages to incorporating a fitness routine, and the disadvantages to not having a fitness routine. Fitness is crucial in golf and a good fitness routine can significantly increase the longevity of your body and your game. Chris describes how Junior Golfers are athletes and how they should train like an athlete.

Junior golfers are playing a tremendous amount of golf these days, even more so at the competitive level. Proper conditioning and training at a young age is very important and can have a tremendous impact as they get older and progress through teen years and puberty. This is where Chris and his team at Par4success come in. They have the knowledge and know-how to take your child, their physical fitness and their game to their maximum potential.

News Update:

Chris and his team at Par4Success have recently launched an online/mobile fitness platform. Visit for your Free Fitness Assessment and 100% Free Access for a Limited Time. They also have The Lounge, which is home to hundreds of FREE videos and articles related to improving your golf game, fitness, and mobility.

What you’ll learn:


  •  Chris’ definition of golf fitness
  • What age should kids start a fitness program
  • How to properly warm up before a round
  • The negative effects of carrying a golf bag
  • The importance of proper Nutrition and Hydration
  • What is Mobile Coaching Technology
  • How to Win a 1-year Scholarship Program

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Special thanks to Chris Finn for joining me this week.


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